Google Spam Quality Control Team On Hangouts Live

by Russell Wright on July 25, 2012

Google Spam Quality Control Team On Hangouts Live


Matt Cutts had the following to say about PRECISELY how to recover from Google Panda if you have been demolished by it:

  • 1. Remember that Panda is 100% Algorithmic- there was nothing manual done by the Google Spam Team, like deleting or manually downgrading peoples sites in the rankings.
  • 2. The Panda Algorithm is “run” or “turned on” every so often, not every day. During this “run” new higher quality sites will be discovered and that may effect your rankings if you are not as high quality as something else discovered.
  • 3. Every day new “Signals” are being implemented by Google that help them determine and filer these lower quality sites out. In other words, the algorithms are getting more intelligent every day.
  • 4. Ask yourself “How compelling is my website?” and modify the content to attract people.
  • 5. If your site is fairly compelling already, relax after we run the “Panda Pipeline” because you might “pop back up” after the modifications and adjustments are made.

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