Part 3: Twitter Facts You Need To Care About (Indexing Versus Social Traffic)

by Russell Wright on December 25, 2012

Part 3: Twitter Facts You Need To Care About (Indexing Versus Social Traffic)

This video is really long and rambling, and I don’t expect you to watch the whole thing. But here are the primary points I am making.

    • There are a lot of rumors running around about twitter pages and retweets helping you rank for everything from Press Releases to blog pages. These claims confuse the 3 main issues: Indexing, Ranking (for keywords and long tail shingles), to actual social traffic.
    • Social traffic signals are not the same as indexing factors, and no matter what ANYONE tells you, nobody is really sure about how they influence each other. Further, Google is still making up its mind.
    • Ranking well (or high) for a keyword term is a different topic than merely getting a term indexed.
    • Holding multiple positions (roadblock) for a keyword is another matter as well. Ugly bookmark pages and nasty looking article directories  are not very interesting to me when it comes to “roadblocks”.
    • Twitter pages do not get spidered by Googlebot automatically. They simply don’t crawl them. Matt Cutts confirms that here.
    • Getting pages crawled is the purpose of such (annoyingly manual) services like (oh my gosh where do I start) Linklicious, Lindexed, BacklinkIndexer, the list goes on and on.
    • The theory behind these indexing services is to get you indexed by “forcing’ Google to acknowledge these pages because these indexing services are a “Google-Bot Crawl Orgy” and are getting bots all the time. They mass build little backlink “buffer” pages for you that point to the URL that you have (aaaaargh) copy and pasted into their little 20 dollar per month submitter. Or 40 dollar per month. Or 150 dollars per month.
    • The effect of this could be useful (depending upon your definition of “useful”) but is very short lived. As Sue Bell says ” a whole bunch of quick-burn meaningless pages could become somewhat meaningful . . . for a week or a month. Then you gotta ping it again. Some of the services do not have a setting to “ping forever” as they believe their job is done once they have your pages indexed.
    • Further these indexing services do not offer RSS feeds INTO their services which annoys the living hell out me. Cut and paste, they say. Seriously? The do offer API’s but I am still trying to figure out why they don’t PARSE the RSS feeds that you can hand them via their API. As far as I know, none of them parse the RSS and create backlinks to your backlinks while you are sleeping. It is NOT a sustainable model.
    • They do not offer this RSS in probably for a couple reasons. 1. People don’t use RSS to empower their blog network with Downstream Content Thinking. In fact RSS is being deprecated all over the place. 2.  If people have to copy and paste, there will no be no server overwhelm. If they gave me an RSS feed in- I would be keeping them busy  all the time parsing and pinging every link within every feed within all the blogs on my automated blog network. Nobody selling a service wants that. Better build my own indexer huh? Ok. Or . . . not.
    • There are much EASIER ways to get both a social signal and an indexed social page at the same time, on autopilot. No copy and paste required. This should include things like a twitter tweet-page < > which I absolutely require because I ONLY use Downstream Thinking. Almost everything else is a waste of time and a huge pain in the ass. Things like social monkey and social adr try to do the same thing with bookmarks and tweets and other mayhem. Take huge amounts of time. Results: marginal.
    • Twitter tweets can (and should) be automated downstream of your original blog or blog network.
    • This is especially profitable if you have targeted followers that you have either jacked from industry leaders, purchased from targeted sources (against twitters terms of service- not recommended) or built yourself via twitter farming (recommended).
    • All social platforms, in fact, should be downstream from your primary site, but with real followers. You can automate some stuff, and not others.
    • Tweets are not crawled by Google so you need to take a couple of approaches to get them indexed, which will help for both indexing and ranking.

  • UPDATES 2013 – The Follwing Twitter API No Longer Works as of July 2013 or so –>Pain in the Ass Method 1) Use the Twitter API and pull the feed (twitter dropped RSS and Atom), import it into yahoo Pipes then use a software or service like RSS Submit. < > to < >. The API to RSS method is unstable at best. Don’t, for example, try to run the Twitter API through Feedburner. It seems to inevitably break. Most services (including Feed Blitz) do not like the Pipes Feed Created from the Twitter API. That is because Twitter engineers wrote it as an application interface for apps. In other words, like our Google Plus application, if we want to turn Twitter Tweets back into a proper data feed (which they don’t want us to do) we will have to build it ourselves. Again, I am looking for an automated, non-annoying solution to guarantee the indexing of all tweets and links contain therein while converting real twitter traffic, set and forget. Not as easy as it sounds, and this is more to do with the annoying relationship between Google and Twitter.
  • Simpler Method 2) Use Twylah < > and the Twylah App with any of your twitter accounts. Twylah “power tweets” will often get your link indexed in the Google. If you Google Plus your Power Tweet manually (via the bookmarklet, ugh), your Power Tweet will get indexed EVERY time. Yeah, I took the whole video above to say that.
  • If you think I am nuts, here is Matt Cutts Twitter Account: < > and here is a random twitter page he wrote < > as you can see this page is indexed and “Eureka!!” Matt has a Twylah account < > :

  •  Retweets do seem to give you a higher chance of getting your twitter page actually crawled and indexed in Google, and this probably happens through a couple of different ways. 1) Embedded tweets onto crawl-able pages (*I am NOT certain of this one, so someone correct me if I am wrong). 2) Tweet Feeds that are located on widgets or datafeeds created more professionally than the API.twitter-to-Yahoo Pipes (yuck) method I mentioned above – preferably APP based, which is what Twylah has done of course. (Love you guys)
  • So yeah, I wrote a whole blog rant just to tell you to use Twylah, because I am lazy, and copy and paste does not do it for me. However, I would also point out that I am saying that you should incorporate Google Plus into the mix and get indexed every darn time. Now, this is tricky to do all at once and on autopilot. See, Twylah does not offer an Auto-PowerTweet- and it is not really in their best interest to do so. But this is what I actually need. Why? Because Google plus is Google’s own platform. Almost everything is getting indexed all the time on profiles that have even a BASIC developed “about” persona. (We talk about this in my course called Google Plus Plus.) Another consideration is the “confirmed” tagged next to the twitter account that you should connect to your Google control panel. This confirmation SEEMS to index your tweets faster only when you are social tweeting directly through your Feedburner account. (Oh yeeeeeah, Feedburner, I forgot I could do that).
  • Somebody please write a Power Tweet plugin to replace the manual bookmarklet. We are developing something, but it will not be for the public). Or better yet Twylah, give us an RSS will yah? Everyone wants to become the data cul de sac these days.
  • Twylah is actually downstream from twitter, and this is more powerful than many currently have considered for automatic content republishing. (Not that I would ever do THAT)
  • I would like to see Google PLUS be the end game downstream for social syndication. This just makes sure that everything gets indexed, and then you don’t have to worry about Twitter or Twylah being the last stop downstream from your money blog. You don’t have to mess around wondering if  Twitter or Twylah are going to index and display your blog links, your twitter and twylah pages, or weather RSS blog plugins like are going to stop working or slow down your blog. Also, you can use our Google Plus RSS Maker Software to completely CRUSH It when you are done, and pretty much know that anything you EVER publish to Google Plus will get indexed AND ranked slightly above terrible. Sometimes even well.
  • This whole Twitter controversy has been an issue since 2010 when Rand Fiskin first addressed it on Quora. A lot has changed since then, but I leave that old Quora post here for “Archival” purposes only:

Read Quote of Rand Fishkin’s answer to Does Google index links on Twitter, even though all the links are nofollow? on Quora

  • But Russell, how do I get stuff into Google Plus Automatically. (cough, ahem . . . exactly). There are evil ways. One not-so-evil way is Hootsuite that will only publish to Google Plus PAGES – which is great, but not good enough for me. The other is a rather undependable wordpress plugin called Gplus Automagic poster. Every so often I will need to go kick-start the darn thing, because it has busted or hung up again on one of my various blogs. Other solutions are in the work. There is a way to publish to Google plus via SMS text, but it does not upload images very well, and looks, well, unformatted to say the least.
  • To use the Google Plus RSS Generator, please visit us.

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