Content Curation: An Example of What NOT To Do

by Russell Wright on July 27, 2012


A video was curated to one of our video curation sites that I had to address. I seldom provide a video response, but in this case I did:

In no way does this correction imply that Marketingartfully is a bad company – quite the opposites we are sure.

As professional curators, we only object to the concept of “curation” used in her suggestion/tutorial.

It is NOT content curation to tweet other peoples stuff in a social media status update, and it is definitely NOT what we call Premium Content Curation.

(We talk more about this in our course.

This video was curated from ‪‬:

Topics to review: One Web Ring To Rule Them All

Also an understanding of how to properly curate in terms of your own Golden Frame will be extremely useful.

Russell Wright

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