Awesome Clone WordPress Curation Theme

by Russell Wright on July 4, 2012

Awesome Clone WordPress Curation Theme

Hello everyone,

This is directed to those of you taking the course.

I get a lot of questions about the WordPress clone.

Here is a short video where I explain how it works. Please be advised that it does NOT silo in its current form but does convert traffic well.

More changes and new versions will come out over the next several weeks that may allow for silo architecture.

This theme is GREAT to use if you have a client who likes to use Bookmarklets to snag content from other sites and comment on it, correct it, rant about it, or provide better meaning. And when it comes to the true definition of “content curation” meaning is key . . . We call this “meaning making” in the curation profits course.

My mentor David Allen (of getting things done) said one of the most important things that anyone has ever said to me.

I had no idea that it would be THE KEY to understand the true meaning of “curation”.

He said:

“There is no such thing as information overload . . . there is only ‘potential meaning’ overload. – David Allen

Our job as curation experts of any kind (including RSS curation, Video Curation, Content Curation, Real Time News Curation, Press Release Curation, Micro-Content Curation ™, and Micro-Press Release Curation ™ . . . is to add MEANING to content that already exists . . . thus creating a brand new seductive context for the reader.

After the smoke clears from the recent “Video Curation” launches, we will be introducing the “Check Mate”.

Hint: This new material is essentially about how to create your own personal brand broadcasting network integrated with Domain Web Studio. ( Stay tuned. You. Everywhere. All the time. Right now.

Russell Wright,

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