Video: DWS 3.6 Empire Overview Screen

by Russell Wright on May 29, 2012

Video: DWS 3.6 Empire Overview Screen

The Empire Home Screen allows the user to organize any number of projects in a variety of ways preparing a proper infrastructure for a scalable Website Silo Architecture.

As many of you know, Matt Da Cruz has been working with us at the Theme Zoom Secret Labs for 30 days straight in order to prepare the new release of Domain Web Studio 3.6.

This software empire suite does so many things that it is horrible for our marketing department.

  • It creates Website Silo Architecture SEO that helps you rank higher for up to 90% fewer inbound links than your competition. Yeah, Panda and Penguin mean exactly JACK to this system. It has not been affected in the slightest . . . assuming that you are doing it right.
  • Interfaces with a WordPress SEO Plugin that makes the final destination of the LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Research and the Business Research easy. (This has been Theme Zoom’s number one complaint through the years . . . that it does not easily output to a wordpress blog. Now it does.
  • It allows you to research vertical markets and look at massive piles of keywords in order to determine if they are “educational” or “buyers intent” keywords in relationship to your website silo architecture.
  • It allows you to “wow” your client with ridiculous charts and graphs that are so powerful that dozens of our students have BEGGED for a white label package so that our Domain Web Studio brand will be removed from the demonstration screen and whitepapers. (Coming soon)
  • ┬áManage multiple domains and “Empires” as well as projects.
  • Manage multiple outsourcing staff including content writers who can add content to your blogs and use our “Mass Syndication Module” to work on your promotions via Fiverr or where-ever you decide based on budget projections . . . (also provided by Domain Web Studio)
  • Import keywords from any keyword tool that provides our basic parameters. We already import from Krakken, TLKT, Market Samurai, and several other tools that you probably already have.
  • Yeah, we have a killer affiliate program coming and I am really glad because I do not even know how to begin to market a tool this powerful.

The above video is the first in a serious of “Mystery Science Theater” style videos where Matt, Sue and myself cover each of the new DWS 3.6 Screens to be released in the next 48 hours.

Matt has to catch a flight back to Europe tomorrow, so I will let you know when the new version is released. We have several more videos to make, but I think these are the best explanations of the Domain Web Studio screens we have ever provided our members.

Russell Wright and the Network Empire Team

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