Video: Google Plus Hang Outs On Air Live

by Russell Wright on May 20, 2012

Video: Google Plus Hang Outs On Air Live



Chris Lang, a Google Plus marketer and Google Watchdog recently said:

Before I take the weekend off I just wanted to be sure you saw this.

Things are going to change fast, really fast.

I Just got off the phone with a major Internet marketer.

Can’t say who just yet, but he is going to dump his podcasts
for G+ Hangouts On Air now that I showed him the light.

Since guys like this are jumping on board shouldn’t you?

Facebook is kickin Google butt with the timeline.

Bing is making Google search look like… well, I can’t use the
words I want.

Facebook apps hosting is the new mobile tool.

But Hangouts On Air is THE best marketing tool I have seen in
12 years of making a living online.

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