Should We Target Silo Landing Pages or Deep Articles First?

by Russell Wright on May 6, 2012

Should We Target Silo Landing Pages or Deep Articles First?






Question about Domain Web Studio Blog Empire Builder:


Dear Sue,

My understanding was that broad – top level landing page -was the way to develop an initial focus.

But the DWS training from Russell seemed to indicate single silo sites (developing deep first) – is better?

Confused on this now…

I know there are many variables to consider…

But which is ideal?  Five top silo pages as promotion focus etc. or 5 article pages under one silo and conquer one full silo at a time?

This may not be a question that is black and white… so perhaps more info on this may be helpful for me and others.

Sue Bell Answer:

Good question – the answer is “It depends”:

In medium to larger markets I tend to promote the article pages first and then wrap back to the landing pages – they are easier to rank that way and I start getting traffic to the easy-to-rank terms fast.

I will throw in a few things like video and tag blog posts with broader silo terms because the social media will drive traffic regardless of ranking.

But I don’t push hard core ranking tactics until I have some traction on the lower levels.

If I’m in a small niche, I’ll probably target the landing pages first – they have more traffic than the article pages (which might have very small amounts of traffic in local markets) and the silo terms in a small niche aren’t that hard to rank for.

Hope that helps.

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