Would 2000 New Visitors to Your Site Every Day Help Your Business?

by Russell Wright on April 28, 2012

Would 2000 New Visitors to Your Site Every Day Help Your Business?

Here’s an image that demonstrates what a well silo structured website can do for you.

This Google analytics shot is for a website that we recently helped re-engineer from a tangled web into a proper silo structure.

This site is a major curation site that has a huge number of pages and something like 19 silos.

And they have no active inbound linking campaign.

Notice this site went from an average of 75 new visitors via natural search per day to a whopping average of 2000 new visitors via natural search for the first month after the new redesign was launched.

You can see the dismal state of affairs for the first quarter of this year and then WHAM, the day the new site was launched, there was an avalanche of new visitors via natural search.

The *very first day* – in other words, this took absolutely no time to take effect. The affects were IMMEDIATE on this site that has been around for several years.

Note that they do curate a lot of new articles every day, so the bots are very active on this site. If you update a static site, you will want to resubmit your sitemap.xml so the bots know to come check you out again.

Did I mention there was no inbound linking campaign?

One Empire. Yours.

Sue Bell


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