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Hello, Everyone!

Welcome to the Network Empire News Blog.

My name is Russell Wright. I am the co-founder of Network Empire and the co-inventor of the Theme Zoom Natural Language Processing Software, which includes the Krakken Vertical Online Marketing Software and The Last Keyword Tool.

This website is used to keep the general public updated about recent software and training releases. We also cover a lot of online business, marketing, and technical SEO topics.

What Is The Network Empire Pro Software Bundle and Training System?

Video: Click Here For Special Software Bundle Price!


The Network Empire Software Story

Hello Everyone,

I’m Russell,

In just a moment I am going to show you a secret traffic and SEO ranking system created by a team of (former) department of defense software engineers.

This “sustainable” traffic system was designed to give you traffic and ranking for years to come!


This system is only for those who want to dominate their niche or market. If you are an absolute newbie, or are not interested in total online market domination:

Please leave now.


I have been asked by the software developers to get rid of anyone not interested in market and niche domination in order to save us both incredibly valuable time.

Suggestion: if you are interested in total SEO keyword traffic domination within your market or niche, watch this presentation to the very end, because a tip will be revealed that will save you 13,000 hours worth of SEO mistakes without spending thousands of hours building manual seo backlinks while reducing required inbound links needed to rank for even the most competitive keywords by over 80%.

Plus I will show you the big SEO mistake to avoid if you want to escape google’s wrath and rank consistently higher than competitors that are doing it wrong.

Also stay tuned because I will show you where to get an absolutely free WordPress plugin that will help you accomplish this via point and click!

We are not sure exactly how long we will leave this presentation online, so please enjoy it while it is available to the general public.

You may think you have seen it all before when it comes to SEO and online traffic systems. But many students have said that they are shocked and amazed by the power of the one webring system and the tips and secrets that our team reveals. And one tip in particular usually blows student’s minds because it shows you how to semi-automate your SEO processes!

Remember, I’m going to show you some SEO and traffic tips that are normally saved for private members.

First, I’m going to share a pretty embarrassing story about my “big mistake” that happened when I first got started online. You’ll see why I am willing to expose my silliness in a second, so keep reading.

I wasn’t always a successful “netpreneur” and I have not always been surrounded by a successful “enterprise level” SEO ranking and traffic software team.

In February of 2007, I was sitting at a giant oak boardroom table with the owners of a multi-gazillian dollar online company- a company that you would instantly  recognize as a household name.

It was not yet my turn to present, so I was staring out the window at a cold Wisconsin winter watching yet another snow flurry. I was glad that I was not out delivering FedEx boxes – which is what I had been doing just 6 months before.

You see, I had just landed the largest SEO deal imaginable. Even my partner Tom, who was taking a risk by hiring me, was surprised I was able to close the contract.  At this moment at the table, my partner tom was solemnly waiting to get complete details of what I had promised we could deliver to this gigantic online company.

I was nervous as hell you see, because “closing contracts” was never a problem for me. See, I had a background in sales and I had passion for SEO. So it was like fire and gasoline to close an SEO contract . . . Especially in 2007!

But I was nervous at the boardroom table right now because, I was in way over my head.

Honestly, I had promised too much. I promised to research and analyze all of the keywords that this gigantic company was targeting on both their pay per click and natural search engine campaigns.

But I had a real problem: and now I was terrified. In truth, I had closed this $15,000 contract because my family needed the money. After the fact I discovered I had not charged anywhere near enough. And now, I did not know how I was going to deliver the massive amount keyword research analysis and SEO ranking work that was  required to complete the contract. Without tom’s consent, I had committed to over 17,353 keywords!

But, now the CMO (Cheif Marketing Officer)  at the boardroom table happily finalized the contract and I saw my biz partner tom turn another shade of pale when he discovered the sheer number of keywords I had agreed to!

I really did not think things could get any more stressful for me, although they were about to get much more tense.

Perhaps you can relate to that tense “sick” feeling in the pit-of-your-stomach when you know you have “over-committed” out of financial desperation. I had lied to myself in order to convince myself that I could pull a technical rabbit out of my hat, even though I knew I couldn’t. One major miracle was going to have to happen in order for me to deliver on the contract of 17,353 keywords fully analyzed and ranked well!

The meeting ended and tom and I walked out with the full SEO contract details of what was expected of us all carefully laid out by their legal department in no uncertain terms. I’ll never forget what happened next on that freezing cold day. My business partner tom drove me to a local Denny’s after the meeting at corporate, and he looked pretty “miffed”. Actually, he looked pretty pissed. I remember hoping and praying that it was not mad at me. But he was. He explained that he did not like the way the meeting went. He did not support making ridiculous promises to clients to get a check. He did not want to be part of this particular deal, and he did not want to provide me with company resources to fulfill the contract.

And the final blow, since I had already deposited the check from the contract – he said I should keep it for severance and go start my own SEO company and deliver on the promises all by myself.


Tom walked out of Denny’s and left me with the bill. You don’t forget things like that.

Now I had to go it alone with my SEO career. After Tom abandoned me, I felt confused and alone. I remember wishing that I had never deposited the first check from the contract. I thought of ways I could get out of the contract now that I was all alone.

After sulking in Denny’s diner for another 2 hours, I made the most important decision I’ve ever made in my online SEO and business career. I promised myself I would use every resource at my disposal to deliver real results for this client, even if I spent tons of money and called in every favor trying to figure out how to research and rank over 17,000 keywords.

On the drive home I remembered a friend of mine at church who also happened to be an enterprise software architect. She agreed to a meeting. She patiently listened to my predicament, and after crying in my coffee for a few minutes, I got the education of my life.

Over the next several weeks, she gave me “the ultimate keyword research blueprint” – the key to successfully delivering my promises to that giant corporation. She also gave me the developers secret thought pattern behind “enterprise level”  keyword research” strategies. Later we turned this “enterprise thinking” into a software system that almost anyone can learn to use, which makes you more fortunate than I ever was during those early years!

I may talk fancy sometimes, but in reality, I am just a guy who stumbled upon an awesome system. It is an ultimate seo and keyword “blueprint” revealed to me by high-iq friends who are a lot smarter than me, and they systemitized it so even I could understand it at the beginning of my SEO career.

The Network Empire Pro Software Bundle and Training System allows people like you and I to experience unbelievably huge “enterprise-level” success Formerly only possible for millionaire webpreneurs and large seo agencies!

Imagine having the confidence to “rank highly” your own websites (and those of your clients) for hundreds and sometimes even thousands of keywords at a time and doing so with a precise long term profit and sales conversion strategy in place at all times!

This same system has allowed us to successfully rank for thousands of keywords since 2007 and assist thousands of students around the world to do the same. This same system has also allowed us to semi-automate my seo and traffic generation endeavors using RSS feeds and other step-by-step plug-and-play network empire software solutions. And it’s this system I will be showing you so that you may see some of the same results.

Before we reveal your unique seo software, wp plugins and traffic blueprint system, let’s talk about a hidden enemy we all face – one that prevents us from immediately recognizing the seo keyword trap most people are caught in. The real problem is the fact that much of the seo industry has been “fibbing” to you for many years. In fact, some would call it outright boldfaced lies told for reasons we will share in a minute. One of these major lies is that you must spend countless hours (sometimes 10 hours per week) building seo backlinks by hand.

This is so far from the truth that most people are pretty mad when they find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes. If you are one of the millions who got sucked into this misconception you can decide now to believe more powerful facts . . .  Because: if you do not, you will continue to waste thousands of hours building short-lived seo backlinks. And in some cases, “unnatural” seo backlinking systems will even damage your seo rankings.

Many seo and poor keyword strategies slowy “chip away” at your website’s “trust” and “ranking power” until you have virtually no more seo authority remaining according to google, bing and yahoo.

Listen, nobody on our team wants that sort of nightmare for you, and we sure as heck know that you do not want that for your business.

Because of these industry misconceptions about seo backlinking and keyword research, your wasted hours of time using useless and potentially dangerous seo backlinking and keyword research strategies are not really your fault. If you want to blame someone, blame “uninformed and untrained” SEO bloggers, pundits and cheap software makers.

We have inspected and evaluated hundreds of SEO, traffic and keyword research software tools, beliefs and strategies, and we have noticed that most SEO “pundit” bloggers are simply parroting the google party line or they are passing around untested information recycled by the SEO rumor-mill, and when it comes to SEO software products, most SEO software developers have not spent a decade immersed in SEO ranking tests and they have not spent the time our team has “banging away” at Google’s SEO black box.

Further, most seo systems and ranking products benefit from your ignorance, like the myth that you should only focus on ranking one or two keywords at a time? This myth locks you into small thinking and the neverending hunt for keywords and ultimately  prevents you from enjoying the immense “natural rankings” savings from whole site “keyword themeing”.

With all of this inaccurate punditry and confusion, it is no wonder so many people are confused about seo backlinking and “smart” keyword research. In fact, even I still get confused about some seo beliefs and software systems and I end up having to ask my team of (former) department of defense seo and semantic web experts and software developers for the truth.

The Theme Effect

The truth is: it is better and ultimately easier cheaper to rank for many keywords all at the same time in a website silo structure rather than one or two at a time.


Because of the “theme effect”.

We have been teaching “whole site theming” for almost ten years and it still works better than ever. Although seo pundits poorly explain this “theming” concept, it is really simpler than people make it.

The idea is that google “sees” your entire website as a single giant document of keywords inside themes and conversations. If the conversation is properly organized, google will rank the entire pile of keywords within that single topic or theme.

The weird truth is that “theme clustering” is a throwback from google’s original “root code” and practical “data architecture”. It only seems new, because this powerful “bulk keyword ranking method” is not growing old.

Weirdly, this bulk keyword “theme” method also lowers the number of seo backlinks required to rank! This is one of the big secrets of our entire seo blueprint system.

Now that you understand the problems and myths that have been holding you back, let’s jump right into the tips and tricks I promised earlier. These are the same tips from the

“root programming” blueprint given to me by software architect sue bell back during the monster-sized-client embarrassing horror story I described earlier. And these methods have been used successfully by thousands of our students since 2007.

Probably the most important tip for taking unfair advantage of the “bulk keyword theme” effect is the use of seo website silo architecture which acts as rocket fuel for keyword research and seo backlinking.

I will show you precisely what I mean in just a minute, so please keep reading: first, there is one bad habit that  you must avoid if you want to start ranking for hundreds of keywords on semi-autopilot because, if left unchecked, this bad habit delivers the final crushing blow to your most valuable money keyword rankings.

So here it is:

We want you to stop  thinking small! Stop “targeting” only 1 or 2 money keywords at a time!

Instead We Want You To Focus On Clusters of Keyword THEMES!

At least until you have the opportunitiy to experience the sheer ranking power behind

Keyword theme clustering, and then you can go back to “the old SEO ways” if you want to, although most people never worry about single keyword rankings ever again.

Just quitting this one bad habit of  “thinking small” breaks the cycle of distraction and “white knuckling” and allows you to finally relax and focus on creating awesome silo content which will contain potentially hundreds of theme-related keywords.

The NE SEO Silo Software Content Method allows you to rank (up to 80 times) more easily for those 1 or 2 “favorite” money keywords that you were already worried about before when you were thinking small – But also gets you ranked for other profitable terms that you would never have targetted before focusing on silos.

Also, working with large clusters of keywords protects you from single keyword over-optimization google penalties, and over-optimization is that “final crushing blow” that tanks your website rankings we mentioned a moment ago.

Remember, “keyword-clusters” work because of “the theme effect” where google sees your overall website conversation as more important than any one single keyword or phrase. So, you make this one change where you start focusing on what you should be focusing on already . . . Creating Awesome Content. And you get what you always wanted to begin with: high rankings for your favorite competitive money keyword!

Weird Huh?

This is an awesome tip that has improved many of our student’s financial lives, Not to mention their search engine rankings!

If you take advantage of the first suggestion (theme clustering), this next tip is an unfair advantage that will be easy to implement:all you need to do is simply take that same pile of theme related keywords used when you created your silo website and systematically apply these same keywords to your semi-automated rss seo backlinking strategy.

Most people believe they need to spend hours “in the SEO salt mines” creating seo backlinks by hand, over-optimizing with the same keyword, and that’s a lie. You can enjoy decent rankings on semi-autopilot, once you grasp the NE Pro Bundle Theme Keyword Blueprint Software and SEO RSS Backlinking System, All the content you create every day always immediately contributes to your high rankings! All “theme cluster” keywords you gather can be used to enjoy google-friendly and natural seo search engine rankings.

Okay, that was a ton of stuff to cover, and you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed or confused: and that’s okay. Basically you have two choices on what to do now:

Choice 1:

You can take the information that you have learned in this presentation and research it online and go it alone, and you might even see some real success with the seo silo ideas shared in this presentation, if you tool careful notes.

Or, There’s Choice 2 – A More Direct and Savvy Route:

What you are about to see is the fastest and safest way to rank for the dozens (if not hundreds) of keywords that you deserve to rank for as an authority website in your industry or niche! So let us do all of the heavy lifting for you, and, you have seen that we really already have, because you have already heard that I solved my own painful SEO experience at the beginning of my career.

So, why start from scratch and reinvent the wheel when our seo-savvy developers have already laid out your exact, step-by-step blueprint required for seo keyword and backlinking ranking domination?

Why reinvent an seo and traffic system that’s been tested for ten years by software architects, seo experts and semantic web professionals software and training that also has millions of dollars of expensive coding we have invested since 2007. One That’s Been Helping Thousands of Our Students Around The World:

  • Improve Rankings
  • Increase Traffic
  • Earn More Money
  • Attract More Clients
  • Relax Despite Ever Changing Technology

Here’s What The Vast Majority Decide to Do After Watching Our Presentations. The solution is called:

The Network Empire Pro Software Bundle and Monthly Member’s Only SEO Training Area.

More about me. I’m Russell Wright, Co-Inventor of the Network Empire Software Bundle and The “Swallow Your Keyword Market Whole” SEO Ranking and Traffic System. The Network Empire Pro Bundle is the only software-driven seo silo keyword blueprint system ever created and it allows you to  increase your seo rankings, visitor traffic and product sales conversion all the same time.This incredibly powerful “Market Swallowing” Keyword and Ranking system

Will work for you even if you have:

  • Only Basic SEO Experience
  • A Smaller Website
  • A Very Large Monster Website
  • Dozens of Other Keyword Tools
  • Have Strong SEO Competition In Your Niche
  • A WordPress Blog
  • An HTML Website and Don’t Use WordPress
  • Are Already Indexed In The Search Engines

Now, let me tell you what the network pro bundle seo silo keyword blueprint system is not, just so you know exactly the sheer power you are about to have at your fingertips.

This is NOT yet another “keyword research” tool. This is not some “here-today-gone-tomorrow” ranking trick or short-lived google hack. You know, like: “buy a bunch of expired domains to game the search engine rankings with a bunch of thin content wordpress blogs that take hours to create and tons of money to buy . . .”

You have been lied to and distracted far too long!

It’s time for a “sustainable” SEO and traffic solution that does not work on mere gimmicks and shortcuts and gimmicks that will never stand the test of time and do not work in collaboration with google’s core information hierarchy. Again, this SEO blueprint and backlinking system is not a single keyword “sniping” technique that causes you to get penalized by google for onsite and offsite over-optimization, like most SEO systems do, rather, the Network Empire Pro Software Bundle is the result of over 9 years of software development, SEO testing, and thousands of case studies, case studies and hard SEO testing performed by the network empire team including:

This system has also been bullet-proof tested by thousands of students around the world testing the software, training, and system for themselves. Our team has spent countless hours understanding the real technical reasons behind seo ranking “failures” and we have spend tens of thousands of hours testing, collaborating and back engineering seo algorithms and myths.

Also, we have spent several million dollars in software development to solve the problem of accurate seo silo blueprint creation and “bulk keyword ranking” so that virtually anyone can be successful when they properly apply our software and methods.

And Now, Starting Today, Our Success Can Be Your Success, Too! The Successful Keyword Ranking Patterns That Our Team Has Studied and Systemitized Give You The Freedom to:

  • Rank For Keywords You Deserve Without Spending Thousands of Hours Building Backlinks By Hand.
  • Enjoy “3 Birds with One Stone” (SEO RSS Ranking Automation, Traffic, and Sales Conversion).
  • Semi-Automatically Increase Your Long Term SEO Rankings, Visitor Traffic and Product Sales Conversion ALL THE SAME TIME.
  • Rank For Dozens (If Not Thousands) of Keyword While Still Increasing Traffic and Actual Sales Conversions!
  • Automatically Generate SEO Silo Blueprints Worth Thousands of Dollars To Yourself or Clients, Before You Every Provide SEO Service.
  • Keep Your Website Themed with Proper Site Structure So Google Sees You As The Absolute Authority In Your Niche.
  • Reclaim Your Keyword Rankings By Generating The Ultimate “Skeleton Key” List of Keywords for Onpage and Offpage Ranking Factors.

It’s only fair that I be 100% honest with you at this point. If you are looking for a “get rich quick” or a “temporary ranking cheat” or some other seo and traffic shortcut that you already know will never-ever work for you . . .  Then leave this page now.

Temporary ranking hacks, seo tricks and low hanging keyword fruit methods that ignore the big picture of theme clustering. In short, there are no “easy” answers, but, our software developers and team of experts have made this as easy as it can get and removed hundreds of hours of brain damage that it caused us in the old days.

So if you are wanting the real long term answer to seo rankings, sustainable traffic and high volume sales conversion, here’s what you can expect:

If You Want To:

  1. Rank for thousands of keywords and themes using up to 90% fewer inbound links
  2. Enjoy a semi-automated system of rss backlinking that doubles as content distribution and mass broadcasting
  3. Generate automatic silo blueprint and market research reports that agencies sell for between $2,000 and $18,000 Without Wasting the Thousands of Hours It Took Me To Accomplish The Same Thing 10 Years Ago

. . . Then the network empire seo pro software bundle and keyword blueprint system isn’t just another system for you, it is the only system for you!

Side Note from a Certified Advisor:

Network Empire Certified Advisor Ben Johnson Said:

“It’s Getting To The Point Where Network Empire Is The Nuclear Football – The Briefcase with the Launch Codes . . . You Push A Button and The World Shakes . . . ”

What You Get

Let’s take a look at what you get as soon as you sign up for your Network Empire

Pro Software Bundle and Private Membership Area:

Click your “member’s software” tab and you will get direct access to the “swallow your market whole” software applications that are crucial for your success. This software is your “world shaking” weapon that let’s you easily research, plan and build the ultimate seo silo blueprint (of any size) that can instantly be loaded into our wordpress plugin (included) for fast theme clustering and market domination!

Click your “member’s area” tab and you will get direct access dozens of step by step training modules, including “sell reports first” which shows you how to directly make money by selling our one-of-a-kind SEO blueprint reports generated by the software shows you how to directly make money by selling our one-of-a-kind SEO blueprint reports generated by the software before you ever provide seo services or lift a finger for seo rankings services!

On your member’s only sidebar, you’ll see paths at different levels of your choosing intermediate, advanced, small business, and niche domination students.

It’s in these training modules and monthly webinars you will be shown the only way to rank for dozens of keywords using up to 90% fewer inbound links than your competition while still maintaining the integrity and structure of your website in the eyes of Google!

As you have probably noticed by now, the Network Empire Pro Software Bundle and SEO Blueprint System is by far the easiest way to target dozens, if not hundreds of keywords at the same time in fact it might be the only seo website keyword system that makes it easy for you to do it all!

This is because it allows you to use google’s own natural “theme” data hierarchy to rank naturally better for hundreds of keywords and that is amazing considering they are seeing tangible results and experiencing ranking transformation for keywords, topics and conversations that they are writing about already. in fact some network empire students say that they have ranked with very few inbound links for keywords they thought were out of reach, in only 90 short days, simply by using the network empire pro bundle suite of seo software tools! And some of our students did this with the SEO Silo Plugin we give away for free.

Other students take it to another level of marketing and skill at our live SEO and Digital Marketing Events.

Now, highly successful business owners in my private mastermind group believe we should be charging over $2,000 per month for an SEO Software and Training System as powerful as the Network Empire Pro Bundle! And in all honesty, considering how much money we spent building this suite of tools, it really should cost that much. After all, since 2007, this software and training system has helped thousands of students become high-level search engine experts, super-profitable entrepreneurs, and super-savy digital marketers.

But we are not going to charge you anywhere near that price. I’ll get to the reduced price in just a minute.

First, I want to share a few other completely unique benefits the network empire pro bundle seo silo empire system can deliver to you. You’ll discover the “one web ring system” (used by our own team of enterprise level seo software developers) which will out-live private blog networks and other invevitably temporary ranking methods. And you will see how this system helps you automatically avoid the penalties, pitfalls, and unnatural tendencies of short-lived ranking methods and shortcuts instead giving you the mass traffic and seo ranking results you desire!

You will also get ongoing tips and clever  “safe” ranking tips and methods in our monthly live webinars. You will have an absolute blast on these webbies! (Just ask anyone!) Our team has proven that traffic, seo ranking, and sales conversion can be enjoyable and even fun. And we want to share our secrets with you too!

The Price of the Network Empire Member’s Area Secrets and Monthly Expert Webinar Training Sold By Itself Is Valued At $97.00 Per Month. But you are not just getting the expert webinars and high-level content member’s area with the network empire pro software bundle today.

We want to give you free of charge a value added wordpress plugin bonuses to get you generating bulk rankings and traffic even faster! You can manually “drag-and-drop-build” your seo website silo structure one keyword at a time. And, by the way, this feature will always work, even if you are no longer a subscriber to our SEO Pro Bundle Software! Or, using this plugin, you can instantly import MASSIVE SIZED authority site silo structures from DWS NE Silo Builder, Which is included in your NE Pro Software Bundle! Again, we are throwing this bonus in FREE with Your Network Empire Pro Bundle Sofware and Private Member’s Area!

Now you can see why the value of the network empire pro bundle and software member’s area is valued at over $2,000 per month by some of our members and agencies. And even without the plugin bonuses, this offer is going to be a steal. If you were to buy the bonuses by themselves, your total investment today would be over $97.00 Per month.

However, just for sticking with me through this presentation, I have a much better deal for you keep reading, as this offer will probably not be availble for later versions of the software. You could choose to continue on the SEO path you’re on right now And you could end up paying 10 to 20 times as much money trying to rank for one keyword at a time, even though rankings are “cheaper by the dozen”.

Yes, weirdly, our system will probably save you money by showing you how to target more keywords at the same time. Those keyword research tools that encourage you to think about one keyword at a time actually cost you more money in the end and cause you to build and grow your website in ways that you might be expensive to fix later on!

In once instance with a private client, my business partner and I discovered that our client would be forced to pay $25,000 dollars to fix a bad website design layout that cause very bad seo rankings?


This was all because the original web developer did not have the basic understanding of seo website silo architecture and proper semi-automated SEO backlinking! And let’s not even talk about your wasted money and cost of seo backlinking and short-lived tips and hacks (that are usually borrowed from the principles that we already teach you and are built-in to the NE Pro Software Bundle you already get!

It’s already in there!

Losing money is not what we want for you! So let’s make this a really easy decision, okay? I feel you deserve to know why we are offering you such a massive discount today.

So, let me share our visionary software team’s cause that I’m inviting you to join,  along with thousands of our satisfied students and customers around the world. Many of them are just like you who are ready to embrace a sustainable SEOranking, traffic and sales conversion system that will remain evergreen and sustainable for many years to come.

The Network Empire Vision

Several years ago, software architect sue bell and I set an inspiring goal: we decided to dedicate ourselves to building a combination seo, traffic and business system called “the perpetual keyword money machine”. Our original vision (hand drawn on a placemat at Denny’s restaurant) required that this visionary software and teaching system must accomplish two things:

  1. It must create at least 100 millionaires, all on it’s own.
  2. It must be intelligently coded with evergreen web principles and artificial intelligence algorithms that can stand the test of time.

Since 2008, our software and training system has helped thousands of students and customers worldwide become smarter and more profitable SEO traffic experts and digital marketers. Our team of military-level enterprise software developers have designed (for you) a meta-system that has interchangeable software technology and plugins, because the rapid-fire changes within the SEO industry and topsey-turvey social media environment require a long-term flexible global view of how to build a sustainable network!

Creating 100 Millionaires

Creating “100 millionaires” may seem like a challenging goal until you consider some of our students and agencies are making over $2,000.00 Just selling a single report that you can generate with your NE Pro Bundle Subscription! All of this before you ever lift a finger to

Provide an SEO or digital marketing service! Even if you sold just one of these reports per month thats an extra $24,000 per year from what you already should be doing for clients anyway! So when you frame it like that it is easy to imagine making at least 6 figures

by selling more reports if you choose that path.

One of our Certified Advisors, Mike Clay, sold a large report, (generated by the Network Empire Pro Software Bundle) for over $15,0000! And, get this, you can take Mike’s “Sell Reports First”  profit training because it is included inside your Pro Bundle Subscription!

Nothing makes our team happier than making it easier for students and customers to achieve their 5, 6 and 7 figure business goals with the software and training we design and also use ourselves! It is because of our “100 millionaires” cause that we decided we need to make our software as affordable as possible while still keeping our lights and the server on so that as many people who desire to go the extra mile can participate in the network empire community and access the ongoing technology and software developments.

The good news? This means a much lower price for you. Because We Want You To Join The Cause.

And we don’t want “finances” to stop anyone!

That means that you will not pay the $2,000 monthly price tag our successful students recommended we charge for The Network Empire Pro Software Bundle. Not Even Close.

Keep in mind that we will not charge you for our monthly seo webinar  training with our entire team.

And we will not charge you for access to our advanced skype chatrooms.

With over 5 topic-focused skype chat rooms and a fanatical support desk, the Network Empire community is built the way we would have wanted to have it when we were still working towards our own 7 figure success.

With all of this we are not even going to charge you half of that  $2,000 monthly price tag. It’s not even going to be 500 dollars per month, amazingly, which is less than 1/4 the recommended price.

Your total investment today which includes:

  • The Last Keyword Tool
  • DWS NE Silo Empire Builder PRO
  • DWS NE Silo Empire Builder LIGHT
  • The Painfinder Market Research Software
  • The Simple Silo Plugin
  • The Video Silo Plugin
  • The Deep Silo Plugin
  • The Pro Membership Area Content and Exclusive Skype Room
  • The Sell Reports First Area Content and Exclusive Skype Room
  • Monthly Member’s Only “Anything Goes” Webinars and Bring Your Own Site Reviews
  • Special Discounts and Pricepoints for Certification Level Training
  • Our Fanatical Support Desk and Team

Is Now Only $247.00 Per Month

We are so sure you are going to love our community, our support and digital marketing and seo system that we have created a monthly payment plan (instead of $2,964 up front fee). If for any reason you are not as blown away as most people who experience our system, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Look at the bottom of this article right now. Click on the buy button to claim the current NE Pro Software Bundle price now!

You can reserve your membership subscription right now and get immediate access to the Network Empire Pro Software Bundle and private content area!

You’ll Join Thousands of Other Network Empire Success Stories Like Steve, Mike and Andy.

“Online business requires an established flight plan, and if you have one you will succeed. I really want all of my marketing team members to have access to all of these courses and software systems”.

– Steve Melton, Former Airline Pilot

“Russell, I have been wanting your system for approximately 4 years now and bought it 3 weeks ago. Since then, I have sold almost $10,000 dollars in digital marketing SEO blueprint contracts where all I am doing is detailed keyword strategy with Krakken Vertical Market Research Technology. I will also be providing clients with the time to rank and ROI spreadsheet from DWS NE Silo Builder.”

– Mike Clay, Clay Digital Consulting

“I have been able to effectively apply these techniques to my client’s websites. Part of my standard client package is the website blueprint from the Sell Reports First training as well as the Traffic Hospital SEO recovery and prevention training . . . “

– Andy Heeps

Here Are Just A Few More of the Hundreds of Endorsements and Testimonials

That We Have On File:

“Network Empire has changed my entire mindset. The NE team has a completely unique way of looking at business, SEO and marketing – and it is an incredibly powerful thing with their software technology integration . . . “

– Bryan Hassler, Certified Advisor

“Network Empire is not a keyword research tool, and it is not merely a better way to design websites using automated Website Silo Architecture- it is a total catalyst for complete business growth and transformation . . . “

– Donald Salzberg

“Dear Matt, I am beginning to see what Russell, Sue and yourself have been trying to tell us about the incredible power and high cash value of a mere report from Domain Web Studio that includes TLKT and Krakken data. Our company smallest online market and keyword report cost $2,500 at the current time I have 8 projects in the Q- and most of these projects are priced much higher than this”

– Joel Trujillo

Remember, it’s not just a killer bundle offer you’re getting today. You will be a part of a massive an ever-growing community of successful and supportive online entrepreneurs and remarkably skilled seos and digital marketers.

Here’s what will happen when you click the subscribe button at the bottom of this page. First, you’ll be taken to our 100% secure checkout page. You will be emailed your access right away and you can get started, even if it’s 3:00 a.m. it’s that simple!

There are no contracts and you are free to cancel your monthly subscription at any time. (Although almost everyone feels like they have ‘come home’ after joining our community.)

Remember, you’ve have probably been under-optimizing your online keyword potential and your online earnings for too long. And the pain of ongoing inaction will only lead to more frustration and continued failed rankings and low traffic returns.

Yet, all of this can change the moment you begin applying the SEO and traffic blueprint, and the moment you start using the ne pro seo software bundle. Picture the moment you finally have the blueprint you’ve been looking for and begin the path to higher rankings.

If you choose, making money selling the blueprints that only a select few know how to produce, you will experience calm certainty about your financial future, the same feeling other students have described filling them with realistic hope and optimism.

Yes it’s true, up until today, poor bulk-keyword rankngs has largely been no fault of your own, because of either ignorance or bold-faced deceit, the SEO industry at large does not provide you with the facts or the software to accomplish what you now can. And much of the industry would have you buying overpriced backlinks and/or building backlink all day with weak results -not to mention the false promises, tricks and short-lived hacks that nobody stands behind.

However, today is the day you can easily take responsibility and take the action necessary to put and end to short-lived hacks and industry secrets, and begin a new SEO and perhaps even a business blueprint that simply works! Just do not put this off any longer – here’s why:

First, as you recall, for the current version of the software, we kept the cost less than 1/4 of the suggest price and have included the member’s only area, so you can jump in now and you will be ‘grandfathered’ in at this price for future upgrades to all software and content area addition.

The Network Empire Pro Software Bundle is getting better and better as we are putting hundreds of thousands of dollars into ongoing software and content development.

This makes jumping in now a very smart thing.

From the entire Network Empire Team, and from the entire Network Empire Community.

We Will See You On The Inside!








Simple Silo Plugin (Free)

Q: Where Can I Purchase The Simple Silo Plugin?

A: You Can’t. Unbelievably, it is free. But if you wish to download it, you should go here.

Q: What is the purpose of the Simple Silo Plugin?

A: Please read more about how it works here, and see the Silo Plugin Comparison Grid. The Simple Silo Plugin works as a stand-alone ‘shallow’ silo structure,  but also was programmed to work with the Video Krakken Plugin (Limited) and Video Krakken Plugin Unlimited.

The Simple Silo Plugin is the newest member of the Network Empire’s Silo Plugin family. By popular request, this plugin is designed for situations where you want to maintain your blog roll on your home page. The main difference between Simple Silo Plugin and Deep Silo Plugin and Video Silo Plugin, is that Simple Silo goes two layers deep. See the image below:

This post-under-pages model is in contrast to the Deep Silo Plugin and the Video Silo Plugin which has another layer of pages first:


Site Structure

1. Silo Structure consisting of one level of static pages with posts underneath

2. The home page remains a blog roll unless changed manually

3. Permalink structure automatically set to /%category%/%postname%/

Site Creation

1. This plugin accepts one or more Silo structure blueprints generated by Krakken and NE Silo Builder to create a properly Silo Structured site
– the same blueprint can be imported multiple times and each time only new items will be added; older imported pages and posts are not updated
– multiple different blueprints can be imported to make a large site

2. Advanced Import settings allow you to choose titles and slugs to be keywords, titles or headlines to better protect from panda penalties (available when importing from DWS only)

3. The plugin allows you to manually create a silo structure of pages and posts

4. Adding pages/posts manually to the silo structure allows for draft or immediate publish mode

5. There is Drag and Drop functionality for moving silos or supporting pages around

Page and Post Edit Screen Enhancements

1. You can add existing pages or posts to the silo structure on the edit page or edit post screen

2. You can update the meta title, meta description and meta keywords fields for posts on the edit posts screen

3. You can see a preview what the meta title and meta description will look like in the SERPS screen:

Menus and On-Page Inserts

1. A special sidebar widgets creates the Silo Linking Structure.

2. Sidebar menu widget options: set the title, number of links and optional thumbs;

3. On-page silo shortcodes include titles with links to the subordinate articles and can optionally include post article excerpts. The title of the insert is controlled on the settings tab.

4. Optionally On-page silo shortcodes can be automatically included on pages and posts as they are created

5. Style adjustments are available to help the widgets seamlessly fit into themes


1. Export the Silo Blueprint for clients and personal records

2. Indicates articles that are in draft mode

Behind the Scenes Features

Our plugin will detect if other SEO plugins exist and stop duplicate meta description and keywords from appearing in the head. If the other plugins already contain data for these fields, that data is copied into the fields our plugin uses in case those plugins are disabled – if you change the data in our field on a single page, it will update Yoast so that title is displayed.

Deep Silo Builder (Included with Pro Bundle)

Q: Where Can I Purchase The Deep Silo Plugin?

A: If Deep Silo Plugin is currently available as a stand alone product, you can purchase it here. If you have subscribed to the NE Pro Software Bundle, it will be included in your members area, and updates will be available as long as you are a member.

Q: What Is The Difference Between the Deep Silo Plugin and Our Other SEO Silo Plugins?

A: You may find out on the Silo Plugin Comparison Grid.

Q: What Should I Do If I Have An Error Message When Installing Deep Silo Plugin That Says: ‘Cannot redeclare class V_Advanced_Silo’

A: You should see the help file called Easily Resolve ‘Cannot redeclare class V_Advanced_Silo’

Video Traffic Silo Builder (Included with Pro Bundle)

Q: Where Can I Purchase The Video Traffic Silo Plugin?

A: If Video Traffic Silo Plugin is currently available as a stand alone product, you can purchase it here. If you have subscribed to the NE Pro Software Bundle, it will be included in your members area, and updates will be available as long as you are a member.

Q: What Is The Difference Between the Video Traffic Silo Builder and Our Other SEO Silo Plugins?

A: You may find out on the Silo Plugin Comparison Grid.

V-Krakken + Simple Silo Combination (LIMITED)

Q: Where Can I Purchase The V-Krakken (LIMITED)  Plugin?

A: If the V-Krakken (Limited) Plugin is currently available as a stand alone product, you can purchase it here. The V-Krakken limited Plugin is not included with the NE Pro Software Bundle.

Q: What Is The Difference Between the V-Krakken and Our Other SEO Silo Plugins?

A: You may find out on the Silo Plugin Comparison Grid.

V-Krakken + Simple Silo Combination (UNLIMITED)

Q: Where Can I Purchase The V-Krakken (UNLIMITED)  Plugin?

A: The V-Krakken Unlimited Plugin is currently NOT available as a stand alone product, you can purchase it only when you become a student of the Automatic Video Traffic course. *Note: The V-Krakken Unlimited Plugin is not included with the NE Pro Software Bundle.

Q: What Is The Difference Between the V-Krakken and Our Other SEO Silo Plugins?

A: You may find out on the Silo Plugin Comparison Grid.

Silo Plugin Comparison Grid

You May View The Grid Here:

Or See All Network Empire Products Unfolded Here:



Want to see the rest of our curriculum? Go here


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