Google SkyFall: The Public Update!

by Russell Wright on September 27, 2014

Google SkyFall


Here is the public “Google Skyfall” interview with Theme Zoom Software Architect Sue Bell and data analyst and SEO prodigy Jimmy Kelley:


Here are some of the documents used during this lecture and some that we created after:

Image from the patent created by Jimmy Kelley:

Graphic Recreated from Patent by Jimmy Kelley


Related Patents:

US Patent 8,825,645 – Determining quality of linked documents – we only talk about one of the two patents covered in the Skyfall update in our public post – for the rest of the story see our member’s area.

Excellent documentary on NSA data collection practices.

The Lightbeam Mozilla Plugin Used in the Video Above


Network Empire Recommendations and Best Practices for Ongoing SkyFall Fallout (Over the Next 24 months):

These patents indicate updates that will be geared toward finding patterns in linking structures on documents and websites. The degree to which they will go to find these patterns are at an all-time high.

Most standard SEO linking strategies will fall into more than one of the patterns they will be monitoring, making it highly likely that some degree of flag will get raised. If enough flags are raised, it will generate a penalty.

Disclaimer: Network Empire has never taught PBN (Private blog Network) building, and we still do not. We teach PBBN (Personal Brand Broadcasting) and have done so because our technical team predicted that the PBN model was not sustainable for more than a few years. If you have a PBN and want to make it more sustainable, we suggest using our PBN Reloaded solution.

1. Use SEO Website Silo Architecture

SEO website silo architecture just got even stronger as a method. Not even we predicted that would become this powerful. Use it. Make sure you use our best SEO Silo

Quote: “SEO Silo Architecture is hotter than ever.” – Sue Bell

2. Don’t perform any kind of link building or PBN site maintenance while logged into Google or ANY major Social Accounts


Everything that Google Can Connect “Is Being and Will Be” connecting Your Spam and/or Gaming Behaviors:

If you are doing anything at all “blackhat” in your linking structures, your best bet is to become more paranoid than most people have ever anticipated. This means that you SHOULD start our “best practices” that we recommend inside our member’s area. Here are some excerpts:



  • Utilize internal (silo) linking structure to enhance rankings.
  • If you aren’t siloing your website, start.
  • If you are siloing consider using more pages and themed pages in your silos if your ranking stalls
  • Use [member's area only] or other such services.
  • Disassociate your [member's area only] login to each via [member's area only]
  • When in doubt use [member's area only]
  • Power up social links with DAS (Domain Authority Stacking)
  • Use social explosion and/or V-Krakken on sites without traffic to them. Sites without traffic should NOT have backlinks being built to them. You need traffic and social explosion (or traffic signals and back links) diversify the inbound link profile.
  • *Existing penalized sites will be addressed in the Traffic Hospital Training Update with Jimmy Kelley and Sue Bell.



Which Network Empire Products and Services Are Still Useful After the Google SkyFall?

Answer: All of them!

All of the Network Empire products are solid and if anything, will ENHANCE your future sustainable SEO and traffic endeavors.

Let’s go through the Network Empire suite of tools and their degree of importance/relevance after this update. I know this may seem a little self serving, but this is the EXACT question I (Russell Wright) asked my technical and programming team and the SEO training team.

  1. Website Silo Architecture and the Silo Plugin and Method (Hot or Not Post-Skyfall?)
    Technical SEO Team Response: Super and Sizzling Hot During and After Skyfall
  2. Domain Authority Stacking (Hot or Not Post-Skyfall?)
    Technical SEO Team Response: Super Hot – one of the biggest hedges you have against this new combo-update. Make sure you follow the precise methods provided by Jimmy Kelley and Sue Bell within the Domain Authority Stacking Course.
  3. Traffic Hospital Rapid Site Repair, Recovery and Prevention (Hot or Not Post-Skyfall?)
    Panda and Penguin Site Recovery Team (Hot: Molten Lava): Massive and unexpected growth with this method as thousands of webmasters get their sites de-indexed and do not understand the re-inclusion process.
  4. PBBN or Personal Brand Broadcasting Network Building (Hot or Not Post-Skyfall?)
    The PBBN Technical Team: (Hot: Molten Lava) This is an obvious solution that follows the natural progression of the evergreen web.
  5. You Everywhere Model (Hot or Not Post-Skyfall?)
    The PBBN Technical Team: (Hot: Molten Lava) Remember, this is about ONLINE BROADCASTING not pure ranking systems. It is for people and by people, and the search engines LOVE it. Also called the Socially Activated, Semantic Web Integrated, One Web Ring Domain Authority and Semi-Automatic Traffic System.
  6. The PinVid Automatic Traffic System With the Video Krakken Plugin System: (Hot or Not Post-Skyfall?)
    Technical SEO Team Response: (Sizzling Hot – because Engagment-Rank will be on the rise as it is a model made by humans FOR humans. It increases time on site as well as authentic traffic signals)
  7. Social Explosion WordPress Plugin (Hot or Not Post-Skyfall?)
    Technical SEO Team Response: (Sizzling White Hot – represents and creates the precise desired effects implied by Skyfall patent combos)
  8. Certification-Level Training Courses from Network Empire (Hot or Not Post-Skyfall?)
    Technical SEO Training Team ( Sizzling Hot: 100% Evergreen and Unaffected by SkyFall)


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