Final Webinar Today! SEO Certification Training On The Horizon


In just a few hours is the final webinar for the Online Tech Foundation “Swallow Your Market Whole” Course Part I, with Matt Da Cruz.

Please make sure you have signed up for the webinar, because we are going to end this bootcamp period with a bang!

In Week 8 Matt will cover “Testing and Measuring Traffic and Engagement”. This final week’s webby topic is a perfect set-up for the very next NE Certification Course called: Kickstarting Massive Traffic and Conversion – Swallow Your Market Whole Course Part 2:

Part 2 Launches on August 27th, and you need to reserve your spot now, as we only take 20 people at a time through the Certification Level webinar bootcamps. We limit membership in order to provide each student with a quality experience of coaching. As is the case for all Certification Level Courses, the full cost of Part 2 can be subtracted from the cost of the Network Empire Live Event (March 15 of 2015), where you can learn the “hands on” secrets to building an “Online SEO Broadcast and Traffic Network”.

Note: It is not required for you to take Tech Foundation Part 1, in order to sign up for Part 2, although it is recommended that you have a “money site” in order to proceed with it.

Missed The Last Bootcamp? No problem!

Matt and I will be starting the next Tech Foundation Part 1 Course on August 14. So you can reserve your seat right now. You are going to need to do so promptly, because it is becoming a very popular course, and again, we accept 20 students at a time:

Week 7 Webinar Replay:

Last Weeks Tech Foundation 1 Webinar Replay is located here for Member’s Only:

Tech Foundation 1: Week 7 Webinar Replay

We look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Russell Wright and the Network Empire Team

P.S. – Please feel free to contact us on skype at “themezoom” if you have any questions whatsoever about the Network Empire Certification Curriculum and Benefits Package


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